We at Critchett’s strongly believe learning to make music should be a fun, easy, and stress-free experience.   Our talented instructors are passionate about music, and even more passionate about making it fun and easy to play.  We don’t feel that you must strictly follow all of the traditional rules – hand positioning, proper fingering, scales, etc. – to enjoy the hobby of making music.  Our weekly classes are designed to help you learn and continually develop your hobby in a social, friendly setting.

No matter your age, no matter your musical experience, Critchett’s Lowrey Magic Classes makes learning to play fast and easy.  Working in combination with Lowrey music-making technology, Lowrey Magic puts you on a fast track to playing your favorite songs from your very first class.  And because Lowrey’s Virtual Orchestra offers so much musical diversity, you will be amazed at how soon you will be playing your favorite songs for your friends and family.

Making music is only part of the fun

Bye Bye LoveWe believe that a supportive group environment is the best way to enjoy learning music.  Our classes combine peers with at the same musical levels and interests, so everyone learns together.   We always have great snacks and coffee ready before and after classes, so stories are shared while new and lasting friendships are bonded.

Critchett’s Lowrey Music Centers also routinely host nationally-acclaimed Lowrey artists to play amazing shows, teach in interactive music workshops, and help us celebrate special events.  These events are always free to current students, and are a great way to expand your musical horizons.

Lowrey Magic Class program 

Lowrey Magic CoversEach Lowrey Magic Class program consists of a 10-week semester, and includes your own Lowrey Magic Book specific to that semester, and its instruction from our talented staff.  Each semester covers a specific book in the Lowrey Magic Course, and each class grows as you and your hobby develops.  Critchett’s and Lowrey will be with you every step along the way, and will help take your hobby as far as you want to go.  We offer classes for beginners, classes for students who have been learning continuously with us for over 15 years, and classes for students anywhere in the entire spectrum of classes in between.

The Lowrey Quick Start 

QS RBG ColorThe beginner’s class is designed to help launch your music-making hobby with immediate success.  In addition to the first Lowrey Magic Book and the classes, you receive a Lowrey Quick Start organ rental for up to 10 weeks.  The Lowrey Quick Start is a compact, 49-key organ specifically designed to help launch your music playing hobby on the very first day.